Friday, 21 April 2017

Release 0.3 - Two For One!

I accomplished two issues today, both relating to localization issues for Adobe/Brackets.

Here are the 2 issues I fixed:

Link Doesn't Redirect to Japanese Page
Index Page Without Japanese Comments

Both of these issues related to Japanese viewing of Brackets. Accomplishing these was also the most fun so far.

For the 2nd issue, the index.html page had their comments written in English, while other language index.html pages had the comments already translated into their respective dialect. I made use of Google Translate, and tried different variations of simple 'single word' or 'simple phrase' combinations in order to make sure that the translations were as accurate and colloquial as possible. Furthermore, I also enlisted the help of Facebook friends and broader community for a native Japanese speaker to confirm my translations were correct. One woman, corrected 2/6 phrases and said that her translations sounded 'a bit nicer'. So I wasn't too far off! So I was able to successfully update the index.html page for the Japanese and its now currently being analyzed by the Adobe ALF team members.

The first issue was even simpler. Its in fact quite astonishing that if you change the language option for Brackets, a lot of the menu items and links still have not been converted into that language! I could possibly spend time fixing a bunch of menu items for the Portuguese right now, but we'll see. Anyway, one of the Help -> About Brackets on the Japanese setting redirected to the default English page. I quickly searched for the Japanese page, and changed the URL string setting for it. As I mentioned in my Release 0.2, I spent a good amount of time reading through the entire /src code, so I had a pretty good idea where to look right away for these changes to be made! Time well spent!
Already the PR has been approved and the change has been made to the Adobe:master branch. So that is my second PR that has been successfully merged into the official repository of a project that I do not own. Not very impressive in the grand scheme of things, but impressive enough for me, who is just starting to get into the Open Source world!!

Anyway, I'm off to finish my 4th release. Hoping to report back shortly.

Here are my PR's:

Url Change for Japanese Page
Japanese Comment Translations


While doing these two issues, I thought about a couple of things...
Often times, people will find issues in the code, but either time constraints prevent them from pursuing it, or they get side-tracked and forget. Or perhaps they noticed the issue, but it wasn't important to them to fix. I think that having a background and interest in other languages was a good push for me to look into the issue and not be afraid of it. Also, even though both issues were not significant in the overall functionality of the project, every little bit of detail counts toward the total project. Having a Japanese person decide to use the program and realize that nobody cared enough if they understood how to use the program could really shut doors and opportunities in the long run... I also think part of my ability to solve these issues faster was getting comfortable knowing what sections of the project code serviced what needs, and focusing my attention in the right area. The more I look at the code, the more I see how they all interconnect with each other. My goals after finishing these releases is to go beyond, and start learning how to add extensions and other outside sources into this project. I think that is a more important and challenging goal.

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